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If  you are looking for  space to reflect or to meet with others, then come to Shepherds Dene. If you are searching for a great venue for a conference, an away day, meeting or seminar, look no further. If you need a day or a few days just to get away from it all, then come on over.

Shepherds Dene provides the space to think, the chance to grow and walk more closely with God. It is an Edwardian country estate given to the Diocese of Newcastle in 1945   within easy of reach of Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham.  It is a spiritual place for peace and quiet and sometimes for fun and celebration as well. 

We welcome guests of all denominations and faiths - and those without a faith - who share our purpose of seeking and discovering before they take action. 
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" I've found a gem of a place..." click here to see the photos interior designer  Helen Morris has taken  of the arts and crafts features at Shepherds Dene . 

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